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Karlsruhe Mobility Lab

The Karlsruhe Mobility Lab is a globally recognized center for the development of intelligent concepts for the urban and regional mobility of the future. A key focus of the mobility transition is on the further development of local public transport and the development of new mobility concepts. The Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion (TRK) is a pioneer in sustainable mobility development with its core competence of mobility

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Karlsruhe Mobility Lab powered by TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe

In a unique ecosystem, science, business, the public sector and innovative transport companies work together on interdisciplinary approaches. However, the Karlsruhe Mobility Lab not only generates ideas - they are also implemented in practice, analyzed and tested with citizens. The focus is on intelligent, networked, resource-conserving and sustainable mobility that reconciles environmental friendliness and mobility comfort.

This unique climate of innovation is not least the focus of politics and science: Karlsruhe is home to state institutions such as the Baden-Württemberg Institute for Sustainable Mobility and the planned future location of the German Center for Mobility. As a university location, the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion offers a unique density of mobility-related chairs and institutions, which are bundled in the Karlsruhe Mobility Systems profile region. In addition, a number of leading international companies are based in the region and successfully distribute mobility solutions "made in Karlsruhe" all over the world.

Much has already been achieved in the Karlsruhe Mobility Lab:

  • A convenient mobility platform that integrates individually usable means of transportation such as car and bike sharing as well as intermodal traffic control
  • Autonomous first/last mile services in on-demand traffic
  • Cross-border mobility solutions
  • An extensive network of cycle paths and innovative cycle highways
  • The world-renowned Karlsruhe Tram Train Model.
The mobility region TRK is a hub for future mobility solutions - this is where the mobility of tomorrow is being created. This position is further strengthened by a strong network and partnerships such as with the Karlsruhe Mobility Leistungszentrum (KAMO). KAMO brings together leading institutions in Karlsruhe that focus on research, teaching and the transfer of innovative mobility and logistics solutions. The UITP-Karlsruhe Mobility Innovation Partnership was jointly launched with an international partner, the International Association for Public Transport (UITP), resulting in projects that contribute profitably to the innovation location.


Once again, the region's mobility players are pooling their expertise in the Karlsruhe Mobility Lab and presenting themselves together at IT-TRANS - International Conference and Trade Fair , which will take place at Messe Karlsruhe from May 14 to 16, 2024. IT-TRANS is the leading international trade fair and conference specializing in digitalization and intelligent solutions for public transport. Learn and exchange ideas with your colleagues from all over the world on topics such as AI, payment and ticketing, cybersecurity, data governance and much more. UITP - The International Association of Public Transport and Messe Karlsruhe have been bringing the international public transport community together in Karlsruhe for this unique event since 2008.

All information and the lecture program can be found here


"Karlsruhe Mobility Lab - Flyer 1st Edition" (8 MB, PDF)
"Karlsruhe Mobility Lab - Flyer 2nd Edition" (6 MB, PDF)
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