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The Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion (TRK) is positioning itself as a pioneer in the sustainable bioeconomy by specifically promoting innovative business with bio-based products and processes. A strong network with numerous competent players bundles knowledge and relevant experience in various fields of application. The award as one of the model regions for industrial bioeconomy by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection underlines the leading role in this forward-looking area.

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Bioeconomy in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion

TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe GmbH is taking decisive steps towards a sustainable bioeconomy by actively driving forward the raw materials revolution. Under the lead project "Fibres for food and fabric - plant-based fibres for regional value chains (FFF)", TRK GmbH is intensifying its efforts to focus on renewable, plant-based raw materials and to supplement or replace conventional products with innovative bioeconomic approaches.

The cluster initiative promotes the networking of over one hundred companies, research institutions and organizations in the region in order to jointly advance the sustainable use of plant and bio-based fibres and establish new value chains.

The future of the economy is green

In this dynamic environment, bio-based fibers are increasingly being used, not only as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional synthetic fibers, but also because of their technical properties and improved recyclability. Plant fibers such as Chinese reed, silphia, hemp and others offer a wide range of possible applications, whether in vehicle construction, the furniture industry, house building or the textile and packaging industry.

TRK GmbH emphasizes the benefits of the bioeconomy by demonstrating how plant power instead of fossil plastics not only protects the environment, but also has a sustainable impact on the economy.

The commitment of the TRK

The Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion was recognized by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection as one of 28 model regions for its activities in the field of industrial bioeconomy. With a view to economic, ecological and social sustainability, the bioeconomy represents a promising opportunity for rural regions.

TRK GmbH is already taking the next step and is working intensively on plant-based building materials in the life cycle of buildings with another project, funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Food, Rural Areas and Consumer Protection. In this way, TRK GmbH is making an active contribution to shaping innovative paths for a sustainable and green economy.

Online map: Example regions of the industrial bioeconomy

Networking and cooperation between the regions is crucial for Germany-wide strength in the field of industrial bioeconomy. The TRK is presented on the online map of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) with 28 example regions of the industrial bioeconomy with the title "Plant-based fibers for the regional value chains in the pulp and paper industry in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion".

Discover bioeconomy projects on the BMWK's online map.

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