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Areas of expertise of the TRK – this is where we operate

As a future-oriented innovation hub, the Karlsruhe Technology Region (TRK) GmbH companies, research institutions and institutions in order to develop groundbreaking solutions and strengthen the regional economy in the long term. With a focus on interdisciplinary cooperation and technology transfer in selected fields of expertise, the TRK as a leading innovation region in Germany and Europe.

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Looking to the future: From bioeconomy to mobility

The Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion is a dynamic innovation location with outstanding core competencies in areas ranging from bioeconomy and digitalization to mobility. The region is characterized by strong innovative power and research excellence, supported in particular by renowned institutions such as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the FZI Research Center for Information Technology. These institutions and a strong network of partners in the region and beyond make TRK a leading center for pioneering research and forward-looking developments.


TRK is increasingly focusing on sustainable and bio-based economic models that promote resource efficiency and environmental compatibility. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) plays a key role in this by driving forward pioneering research and innovation in the field of bioeconomy. By integrating biotechnological approaches and intelligent resource management technologies, TRK is striving for a resource-efficient and environmentally friendly economy in order to meet the challenges of global change in a sustainable way.


TRK is positioning itself as a pioneer in digitalization and creating a dynamic environment that encourages companies and start-ups to develop and implement innovative digital solutions. This strategic orientation underlines TRK as a region that makes targeted use of the opportunities offered by digitalization to generate sustainable economic and social impetus.


The TRK is actively committed to the energy transition and pursues ambitious goals in the field of renewable energies and sustainable technologies. Companies such as evohaus, Seven2one and RBS-Wave are helping to make the region a pioneer in energy efficiency and climate protection.


The Karlsruhe Mobility Lab is recognized nationally and internationally for its pioneering role in the design of innovative mobility solutions. The Karlsruhe Mobility Leistungszentrum (KAMO) acts as a meeting point for mobility experts and underlines the importance of the region as a driving force for the mobility of the future. The close cooperation with the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) reinforces the international reputation of the Karlsruhe Mobility Lab in the field of mobility.


RegioWIN focuses on holistic, sustainable development that takes equal account of economic, ecological and social aspects. The initiative specifically promotes projects that strengthen regional growth and focus on innovative approaches. Forward-looking ideas are promoted through close cooperation between science, business and public institutions. RegioWIN thus reflects the dynamism and innovative strength of TRK by steering regional development in a sustainable and future-oriented direction.

TRK Innogator network

The regional innovation management of TRK, funded as part of the "TRK Innogator NETZ" project, focuses on networking innovative expertise in the region, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. The digital "TRK Innovation Atlas" and the "Expert:innen Netzwerk TRK" not only make the diverse innovation resources visible, but also transparently present renowned experts in the focus areas of digitalization, mobility and energy in order to create a close-knit network for exchange and cooperation.

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