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  • May 14 to 16, 2024
  • Karlsruhe Trade Fair Center, dm-arena, Stand Y3
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Center for future-oriented mobility development

The Karlsruhe Mobility Lab will be exhibiting at IT-TRANS at Messe Karlsruhe from May 14 to 16, 2024

Once again, the region's mobility players are pooling their expertise in the Karlsruhe Mobility Lab and presenting themselves together at IT-TRANS - International Conference and Trade Fair , which will take place at Messe Karlsruhe from May 14 to 16, 2024. IT-TRANS is the leading international trade fair and conference specializing in digitalization and intelligent solutions for public transport. Learn and exchange ideas with your colleagues from all over the world on topics such as AI, payment and ticketing, cybersecurity, data governance and much more. UITP - The International Association of Public Transport and Messe Karlsruhe have been bringing the international public transport community together in Karlsruhe for this unique event since 2008.

At the joint stand (Y3/dm arena) , we will be presenting future-oriented mobility concepts and initiatives that are driving them forward:

  • The German Center for Mobility of the Future (DZM), an association of Karlsruhe, Hamburg, Minden and Annaberg-Buchholz in the field of mobility, presents lighthouse projects such as on-demand shuttle services and two-way vehicles for rail.
  • The Innovation Campus Mobility of the Future (ICM) demonstrates how cloud technology can be used to implement scalable solutions and improved functionalities for connected vehicles and optimize their operation in terms of energy efficiency.
  • The KAMO: Karlsruhe Mobility High Performance Center presents example projects on autonomous driving, intermodal transportation and sustainable mobility. These include the lighthouse project "Country-2-City" Bridge, which is researching sustainable and attractive transport options between urban and rural areas as part of the DZM.
  • The FZI Research Center for Information Technology uses the example of smart bus stops to show how existing urban infrastructure can support the operation of automated shuttles. Both the bus stop and the vehicle are equipped with sensors whose data is used by artificial intelligence not only to increase the safety of road users, but also to increase the scalability of automated and networked vehicles in the traffic environment.
  • The aim of regioKArgo is to develop a sustainable, holistic logistics concept for the Karlsruhe region. The LogIKTram, URBANE and regioKArgoTramTrain projects will be presented at the stand and are set to go into regular operation.
  • The joint mobility portal of the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion and the City of Karlsruhe offers comprehensive information on mobility issues in Baden, the Southern Palatinate and Northern Alsace. The platform provides free and mostly real-time data on motor vehicle and bicycle traffic, public transport and multimodal mobility.

The presentations in the Karlsruhe Mobility Lab go beyond the mere presentation of concepts. Almost all solutions can be touched directly or even tested yourself.

A lecture forum with numerous exciting presentations and project insights will take place at the trade fair stand on all three days of the fair.

Lecture program Karlsruhe Mobility Lab Forum

Partner of the Karlsruhe Mobility Lab at IT-TRANS 2024 

In addition to TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe GmbH, these are: Automotive Engineering Network e.V. (AEN), German Center for Future Mobility (DZM), FZI Research Center for Information Technology, INIT Group, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) with the Innovation Campus Mobility of the Future (ICM), the KAMO: Karlsruhe Mobility High Performance Center and the KIT Center Mobility Systems, Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund (KVV) with Albtal-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft mbH (AVG) and Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsruhe (VBK), Messe Karlsruhe, PTV Planung Transport Verkehr GmbH, Tiefbauamt der Stadt Karlsruhe, TransportTechnologie-Consult Karlsruhe GmbH (TTK) and UITP Regional Training Centre Karlsruhe.Karlsruhe Mobility Lab: A center for pioneering mobility development

Brochure Mobility Lab IT-TRANS.pdf

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

14.00 to 15:00
Attracting and retaining international specialists (presented in German)

Speakers: Petra Bender, Welcome Center TRK and Christina Merkel-Reif, init SE

15.00 to 15:30
The Research Project DAKIMO - Data and AI as Enablers for Sustainable, Intermodal Mobility (presented in German)

Speakers: Dipl.-Ing. Michael Böttger, Managing Director raumobil GmbH, Dipl.-Inform. Reinhard Herzog, Fraunhofer IOSB, Group Leader

Sustainable mobility requires "intermodal mobility", i.e., the flexible switching between different modes of transportation along individual sections of the journey. The principle itself is old: Cycling to the station and then taking a train or bus to the destination - that was regular mobility even to our parents and grandparents.

But on the one hand, the range of mobility options, especially in cities, has grown considerably since then - for example with bike and car sharing, e-scooters and ride-sharing services - and on the other hand, any intermodal mobility today faces competition from a mode of transportation that is sometimes indispensable, but almost never the most sustainable: a privately owned motor vehicle.

To convince more people to use sustainable public transport, there is one thing in particular that requires changing: The car should not be the most uncomplicated universal solution by far. To catch up, intermodal mobility must become simpler, more flexible, more reliable, and more plannable. The complexity of the services must deliver the advantage of always providing the best possible means of transportation under all conditions - but without the headaches of using them.

This is why the DAKIMO project ("Data and AI as Enablers for Sustainable, Intermodal Mobility") was launched in Karlsruhe in 2021, led by Fraunhofer IOSB, with funding of over 3.5 million euros from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The project joins the expertise of the Karlsruhe-based companies INIT, INOVAPLAN, raumobil and the Karlsruhe public transport provider KVV, as well as the Institute for Transport Studies at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Fraunhofer IOSB, partners of the KAMO: Karlsruhe Mobility High Performance Center.

The aim of the project is to research and develop AI-based intermodal routing and mobility recommendations. The partners analyze how the available data from apps, public transport operations and traffic and weather forecasts can be utilized and fused by AI to provide improved public transportation apps as well as traffic management, public transportation services and transportation planning in general.

15.30 to 16.00
How transportation modeling helps to save hard cash: Real life field references

Speaker: Ralf Frisch, Principal Business Development Manager, PTV Group

The world's leading traffic simulation software PTV Vissim/PTV Viswalk and the world's leading multimodal transportation planning software PTV Visum enable customers to plan in detail infrastructure needs and required operations before investing. For more than 20 years, Deutsche Bahn controls their spendings by intensively using 100 licenses of PTV software in various departments. The live presentation will center on how PTV Viswalk can help to orchestrate the movement of pedestrians when there is a need to establish a rail replacement service and an impressive simulation of the whole Frankfurt Main station.

Additionally, you will learn how easy public transport lines can be planned and how simple and quick data can be applied directly to your network for you to illustrate the impact of your planning process.

16.00 to 16.30
Hydrogen for the Karlsruhe Technology- Region - building infrastructure, enabling applications (presented in German)

Speaker: Markus Wexel, Energy Coordinator, TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe GmbH

16.30 to 17.00 h
Generation of 3D- Simulations for Testing Automotive Perception System

Speaker: Patrick Schulz, FZI Research Center for Information Technology

The popularity of environment simulations for fast assessment of autonomous driving functions is growing faster than ever before. However, the creation of virtual environments to simulate real driving scenarios remains a challenge. We present a novel approach to generate environments for automotive simulations that are based on environment recordings procedurally. These generated environments can provide a cost-effective and flexible alternative to physical testing, allowing researchers and developers to simulate different scenarios in a controlled and reproducible environment. Our approach has the potential to improve the efficiency and scalability of automotive simulations by generating realistic environments based on existing map data. The GitHub repository of this plugin is publicly available on


Wednesday, May 15, 2024

9.30 to 10.30 a.m.
Public transport in cities during the war - is there a chance for development?

Speaker: Maria Smirnova, Lead Architect, ME "Spatial Development Agency", Vinnytsia City Council, Ukraine

10.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

Future Mobility Award 2024 - Pitches of the Finalists

The Future Mobility Award is intended to recognize sustainable mobility solutions for the transport sector. The aim is to give start-ups the opportunity to present themselves and make their ideas and solutions for the transport sector visible and to establish an international competition that takes place at regular intervals. The award will be held for the 5th time in 2024.

The award will be presented this year during the 7th Regional Mobility Conference "Regionalkonferenz Mobilitätswende" on 4 June 2024, organized by the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion and the Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar, by the initiators aen - automotive. engineering. network e.V., Messe Karlsruhe and Nahverkehrs-praxis/Fachverlag Dr. H. Arnold GmbH. The Economic Development Agency of the City of Karlsruhe is providing the winning prize of 5,000 euros. In addition, the winning start-up will receive coaching from "aen" experts on request. The company INIT supports the award as a sponsor.

On 15 May 2024, the selected finalists will present their innovations to a jury of experts with an entrepreneurial and scientific background and with the participation of the public at the international mobility congress IT-TRANS.

14.00 to 15.30
German Center for Future Mobility (DZM)

Speaker: N.N.,

The German Center for Future Mobility (DZM) is an initiative to connect the mobility research locations in Hamburg, Annaberg-Buchholz, Minden and Karlsruhe. At IT-TRANS, the four locations will be presenting flagship projects such as on-demand shuttle

15.30 to 16.00
AI support for dispatchers - The KARL research project develops a digital dispatching assistant for the operations control center

Speaker: Dr. Jochen Wendel, INIT GmbH

Working in the operations control center is demanding and requires dispatchers to have a lot of experience - especially in stressful situations such as when accidents occur in city centers during rush hour. Due to upcoming waves of retirements, there will be a lack of experienced staff in the future. Consequently, assistance systems will become increasingly useful for operators. As part of the "KARL - AI for Work and Learning in the Karlsruhe Region" research project, an assistance system providing specific recommendations for dispatching measures is being developed to assist dispatchers and to ensure there are fewer traffic disruptions. The recommended dispatching measure, such as implementing a suitable diversion, can be determined using AI (artificial intelligence).

16.00 to 16.30
Testing of Autono-mous and Connected Vehicles in the Test Area Autonomous Driving Baden- Württemberg

Speaker: Marc René Zofka, M.Sc., FZI Research Center for Information Technology


Thursday, May 16, 2024

10.30 to 11.00 a.m.
The role of sustainability in the development of mobility solutions for public transport (presented in german)

Speaker: Michael König, M.Sc., KIT - Institute for Vehicle Systems Technologies

11.00 to 11.30 a.m.
Automated Driving Function of the FZI - Deployed in FZI-Shuttles and personal car CoCar NextGen

Speaker: Sven Ochs, M.Sc., FZI Research Center for Information Technology

We present our automated driving stack, which combines both scalability and adaptability. Due to the modular design, our stack allows for fast integration and testing of novel and state-of-the-art research approaches. Furthermore, it is flexible to be used for our different testing vehicles, including modified FZI-Shuttles based on EasyMile EZ10 and CoCar NextGen based on an Audi A6.

The Karlsruhe Mobility Lab will also be presenting at an IT-TRANS Market Update Forum on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 from 11 a.m. to 12 noon. In the session "Improving public transport beyond city limits", the Lab will use best-practice examples to present the mobility solutions of tomorrow for improving connections to the surrounding area to trade fair visitors and conference participants.

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