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Events - Networking and making connections

Making contacts, getting to know cultures and arriving in the region - the Welcome Center at TRK offers international professionals numerous events to help them make connections - both professionally and privately. Find out more about the networking opportunities and our events.

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International Come Together 29.06.24

Saturday, 29.06.2024| 2.30 - 5.30 pm (optionally longer)

Joint visit to the Peter and Paul Festival 2024
Medieval life and bustle in 1504

Meeting point: 2.30 p.m. Festival entrance "Luisenstraße"
(ticket office at streetcar stop "Stadtmitte"), 75015 Bretten
You will receive a day ticket from us. You do not have to pay admission.

The "International Come Together" is the network meeting for international specialists, students and interested parties in the Karlsruhe Technology Region: an ideal opportunity to make valuable contacts, benefit from different experiences and exchange ideas with like-minded people.

This informal meeting offers international professionals and students the ideal opportunity to meet, get to know or reunite with people from all over the world. All appointments are to be viewed independently of each other – you can do it once, twice, ... or always be there.

Please register by e-mail to [email protected].

"Invitation German ICT 29.06.2024"
"Invitation English ICT 29.06.2024"

Welcome Guide Training 2024

Module 1, June 26, 2024, 5 - 8 p.m.

Module 2, July 10, 2024, 5 - 8 p.m.

Please complete the registration form and send it to [email protected]. We will contact you afterwards.


Flyer "My Welcome Guide training" (883 KB, PDF)
Registration form Welcome Guide (118 KB, PDF)

HR Network "International Professionals for the TRK" 18.04.24

Thursday, 18.04.2024| 2 - 5 pm,

Schwitzer's Hotel am Park GmbH, Etzenroter Str. 4, 76337 Waldbronn

The topic of "Finding and retaining international specialists" often raises many questions for HR managers and HR employees in a company. In order to provide support and make things easier, we invite you to the next meeting of the HR network "International specialists for TRK".

We are very pleased that Frank Noe, Foreigners' Registration Office of the Karlsruhe District Office, will be attending this meeting to provide information on initial experiences with the changes to the Skilled Immigration Act and will be available to answer your questions.


14.00 Welcome & company tour (optional for participants)

14.30 Welcome in the "Brasserie"

14.35 First experiences of a foreigners authority in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion with the update of the Skilled Immigration Act "FEG 2.0"
Frank Noe, Karlsruhe District Office, Office for Order and Law, Department for Foreigners, Subject Area Residence Rights Gainful Employment

15.30 Break

16:00 Practical experience: "Trainees for the hospitality industry from all over the world" Sebastian Schuster, Schwitzer's Hotel am Park GmbH

16.20 Skilled workers from India. Insight into the activities of Baden-Württemberg -

16.40 Open questions, comments

17.00 End    

The network meets twice a year and enables personnel managers / HR employees from companies within the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion to meet:

  • professional exchange on topics such as the acquisition of international skilled workers; residence law hurdles and developments; integration in the workplace; social, linguistic integration; dual careers; housing; cultural interaction; ...
  • Networking with HR managers / HR employees from other companies
  • Creating synergies for everyday working life.

We would be very pleased if you would have the time and interest to participate in this group again or for the first time and ask you to register at [email protected]

"Information flyer HR network 18.04.2024"

Dual Career Workshop

An offer especially for partners of your international employees

Language: English 

If you not only want to attract international specialists, but also retain them in the long term, it is a good idea to consider the career prospects for the accompanying partner.

Our workshop offer is aimed at partners of international skilled workers who would like to develop and realize their own career prospects in the region. We provide information about the regional job market and explain the special features that need to be considered when applying for a job in Germany. The development of application strategies, exchange of experience, networking and advice make the offer an ideal starting point for a successful start in the TKR.

The first dual career workshop took place on March 15 at one of our shareholders, Vulcan Energie Ressourcen GmbH. Thorsten Hauck welcomed six academics and gave them an insight into the work of "Vulcan". We were able to recruit Meike von Platen-Holzapfel, an experienced dual career specialist, for this workshop. Meike von Platen-Holzapfel is HR Manager at BASF SE, career coach (ICF certified) and intercultural trainer. Responsible for the welcoming culture at BASF's headquarters for many years, she has played a key role in enabling numerous partners of international specialists and managers to successfully continue their own professional careers in Germany.

Please contact: [email protected]

Dual Career Workshop - Invitation 15.03.2024

"Finally a professional appointment just for me again, outside my husband's circle of acquaintances, was so good! I have new motivation to apply for jobs in the region!"

International Come Together

Networking, meeting new people and making connections - the International Come Together is a place for encounters. Especially in the early days, it is important to make contacts - both professionally and privately. The Welcome Center TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe invites international professionals and students as well as interested parties from the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion (TRK) to the meetings.

Further offers for socializing

In addition to the International Come Together, we and our partner network in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion (TRK) offer you further events.

IBZ Karlsruhe

The Internationale Begegnungszentrum Karlsruhe e.V. (ibz) offers a wide-ranging cultural program and is characterized by a variety of integration-promoting offers and projects. The ibz was founded in 1995 following a decision by the Karlsruhe City Council to actively combat xenophobia and right-wing extremism.

Through information events and cross-cultural encounters, the ibz actively contributes to the reduction of prejudices and a better understanding between Karlsruhe residents from all over the world.

  • Our aim is to experience cultural diversity as an enrichment. We want to emphasize not only the differences, but also the similarities between cultures - the unifying values and the common interest in peaceful and respectful coexistence in Karlsruhe.
  • Eleven associations work with us on our premises in different ways. Our services aim to promote interest in and understanding of different cultures and religions through information events and projects and to convey culturally sensitive attitudes.

We want to help people who are new to Karlsruhe to find their way around more quickly and soon find a home here.

AniKA - Arriving in Karlsruhe

The alliance AniKA - Arriving in Karlsruhe offers initial information and initial orientation from a single source on this exchange platform. It aims to help you feel welcome in Karlsruhe through advice, networking and support. The calendar of events shows offers for internationals in the region, here is a selection:

  • The weekly Welcome Café, every Wednesday from 4 to 6 p.m. in Café Globus at the ibz. The Welcome Café not only offers a place for networking, information and encounters, but also establishes personal contacts. In addition, integration guides are on hand to offer help and advice and accompany you to authorities and offices.
  • The Info exchange is used for the bundled dissemination of information. It takes place twice a year. There you will find various players with their respective offers and information such as
    • Job center
    • School authority
    • Office for Integration
    • Migration counseling
    • Migrant associations

Language training

SprechPunkt is a free service for practicing the German language. Groups are formed according to language level and accompanied by volunteer facilitators. The evenings take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:30 to 20:00. Registration is not required.

The "Freunde für Fremde" association at the ibz offers language courses for refugees and asylum seekers. They learn German in small groups under the guidance of volunteers. 

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