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Skilled Worker Immigration Act

The Skilled Immigration Act (FEG) is a groundbreaking milestone in German immigration policy that opens the doors for qualified international skilled workers to work in Germany. 

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What is the Skilled Immigration Act (FEG)?

The law on the immigration of international skilled workers aims to create various opportunities for working in Germany. The following requirements for immigration as a worker in Germany will result from the resolution of the reform - i.e. the renewal and structuring of the law - in 2023. 

The three pillars of the law are:

  • Qualification: Have you already completed a degree? Then the aim is for you to be able to pursue any qualified employment in Germany in the future.
  • Experience: Is your professional qualification recognized by the state in your home country? Then you will soon have the opportunity to immigrate as a worker after two years of professional experience.
  • Potential: Would you like to look for work in Germany? The new opportunity card is based on a points system and will make it easier to find a job.

The law opens up several opportunities for international skilled workers. It also supports German companies and gives them access to a diverse talent pool. Overall, the FEG stands for an open and opportunity-rich future for you as a skilled worker in Germany. And we are here to support you in this exciting step. Feel free to get in touch with us!

What is the opportunity map for international skilled workers (from June 2024)?

One of the new features of the Skilled Immigration Act is the so-called opportunity card. The card is based on a points system and enables international skilled workers to enter Germany as workers.
You can collect points based on criteria such as your professional experience and language skills or your educational background. These points determine whether you can obtain an opportunity card. If so, the door to the German labor market is open to you.

You are not alone on this journey! We will be happy to accompany you and ensure that you receive the support you need.

The new EU Blue Card from November 2023

Another welcome development concerns the expansion of the EU Blue Card. The salary thresholds have been lowered and the list of professions to which this card applies has been extended. This creates more opportunities and makes it much easier for you as a qualified specialist from a third country to gain access to Germany.

Would you like support entering the country as an international skilled worker?
We are here for you. Together we will ensure that you receive the best possible support to achieve your professional goals.

Source: Federal Ministry of the Interior and for Home Affairs

Start as an international specialist in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion

Ready for a promising start in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion? No matter where you are in your career, our region offers first-class opportunities in future-oriented industries such as energy, nanotechnology, automotive and IT. Discover what awaits international professionals on the German job market.

  • Academics: If you already have a job offer in Germany, you can apply for the EU Blue Card if your gross salary is at least 45,300 euros (2024) per year. The limit of 41,041.80 euros (2024) applies to bottleneck professions and young professionals. If not, you can also apply for a visa / a residence permit in Germany to pursue qualified employment (§§ 18a, 18b AufenthG).
  • Skilled workers: If you have completed non-academic vocational training abroad and have a job offer for qualified employment in Germany, you are welcome. Your qualification must be recognized as equivalent.
  • Healthcare professionals: If you would like to work in a regulated profession, for example in a healthcare profession, you will need a license to practice. We will support you in your new career start in the region.

Career opportunities for spouses

Spouses who belong to an EU or EEA country enjoy the right to freedom of movement. Even if you come from a third country, you can look forward to a future together in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion if you meet the requirements: we will be happy to advise you on career opportunities and family reunification..

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Border crossers

If you work in one EU country and live in another, you are a cross-border commuter. INFOBEST contact points offer free advice on cross-border issues in the Upper Rhine region. The EURES-T Upper Rhine Advisory Service is also a point of contact for cross-border matters.

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