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Better safe than sorry: dual career

A new job, a new city, a new life - it can be quite overwhelming. This makes family support all the more important. With our dual career advice, your partners will find the right job. So that you can make a new start together.

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What are the benefits of dual career advice?

The career change should also be as smooth as possible for your partners. We are actively committed to this. Accompanying partners

  • need their own professional perspective,
  • receive help with a new career start and gain insights into the regional labor market,
  • are prepared with advice on applications and job interviews,
  • benefit from participation

    • in the "Welcome Guides" tandem program
    • participate in a dual career workshop
    • Participation in the monthly "International Come Together" meetings
    • Participation in information events

We will be happy to show you opportunities in line with your professional qualifications and your wishes for this new stage in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion.


Dual career for companies

As a company, you can also think about dual careers. How can I retain international employees? By thinking about the entire family and locating them in the region. 

We are here for you!
Please feel free to contact us.

What are the requirements for dual careers?

Before you can start working with your partner, you must meet a number of official requirements for taking up employment. You have a residence or settlement permit and fulfill the following requirements (if you have a Blue Card, the first two points are considered fulfilled):

  • Sufficient living space (not with blue card)
  • adequate health insurance cover and
  • Financial means
    Age of majority

Your spouse will then receive a residence permit for Germany, which allows you to take up any employment. This applies regardless of whether you enter the country together or one after the other. This also applies if you receive a residence permit to continue working in your profession after training in Germany and your spouse joins you. You can find out more about family reunification under Housing.

What is a blue card?

If you already have a concrete job offer in Germany, you can obtain the "EU Blue Card" if the annual gross salary offered to you is at least 45,300 euros. An EU Blue Card is a combined residenceand work permit. If you do not reach this annual salary, you can work in Germany with 41,041.80 euros in bottleneck professions and as a young professional.

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