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Mobility in everyday life

The Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion (TRK) benefits from its central location in Europe and excellent transport connections. By road, rail, water and air, the routes lead in all directions and to the major cities. The excellent public transportation system is internationally admired as the "Karlsruhe model".

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Local public transport in the TRK

The Karlsruhe Transport Association (KVV) offers a comprehensive network of streetcars, light rail and bus lines. There are a large number of direct connections from the region directly into the city - thanks to the "Karlsruhe model", you generally do not have to change trains and reach your destination quickly. There are operating times between 5 a.m. and midnight, so you can use public transport at almost any time of day or night.

Information on ticket prices can be found at

You can find out which connection and which ticket you need by entering the start and end point of your journey using the quick information service.

The information is available in English and French.

KVV.Regiomove App

If you travel a lot by public transport, the KVV.regiomove app is worthwhile.

In this app, you can plan your journeys and buy tickets - across different providers. This means you don't need an app for each of the providers mentioned above, but can manage everything in one place.

The app can be downloaded for Android in the Google Play Store and for Apple in the Apple App Store.

We hope you enjoy exploring the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion and wish you a safe journey!

Cycling in the TRK

Cycling is healthy, fun and you get to see a lot of nature and the surrounding area. Whether you cycle in your free time or to your job - the cycle network at TRK makes it possible. The infrastructure for cyclists is well developed, whether you are traveling within the cities or outside for longer bike tours.

There are also plenty of parking spaces for your bike in Karlsruhe's bike-friendly city center. Cyclists can safely park their bikes there.

In Germany, there is still no legal obligation for cyclists to wear a helmet. Nevertheless, it is advisable to wear a helmet when cycling.

Digression into history

Did you know that the principle of the two-wheeler and thus motorized individual transport was invented in Karlsruhe? In 1817, Karl Drais called his lightweight wooden construction weighing 22 kilograms a "running machine", which was later referred to in newspapers as a "draisine". Today we know and appreciate the further developed form as a bicycle.

Bike sharing

In Karlsruhe, you can conveniently rent a bike via smartphone app, website or by phone for a small fee and return it to any location. 

You will recognize the red bikes with the KVV.nextbike sign throughout the city centre. You have to register for the first use. For each subsequent use, you can simply search for a nextbike, scan the QR code with your smartphone and set off.

You can find more information and prices at

Rent an e-scooter

In Karlsruhe, you can also rent e-scooters from the providers VOI and TIER. The scooters allow you to get around quickly and, just like the KVV.nextbike bicycles, you can park them anywhere in the city center. 

Note: The e-scooters may not be transported on KVV buses or trains.

Car sharing in Karlsruhe

For longer journeys or longer distances, a car is often more practical than a two-wheeler. There are therefore several car sharing providers in the region where you can rent a car temporarily. Karlsruhe is even the car sharing capital if you count the availability of cars per inhabitant.

The best-known providers include Stadtmobil, Getaround and Flinkster. The latter is a Deutsche Bahn service and is ideal for BahnCard customers.

Further information can be found on the providers' websites:

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